So, I've got this machine in my livingroom and I send people a free coin from it if they send me a message saying why they want one. I don't make a coin for every request, so if you want me to make you one, take a look at some of the messages I've gotten to get an idea of what you've got to do.

(or, you could just send me a couple bucks, and I'll definitely make one for you)

Once you've taken a look, submit your coin request!

Peggy from Killeen, Texas

"I love to play bingo, but cant seem to hit the big jackpots. Every day i watch others win 3, 4, 5 and more in a row. All I do is just donate to the game, my luck is so bad. Please help to change my luck."

Robbie from Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Ever since arriving at college, I've had a horrible string of luck with the ladies. I really hope that this lucky coin will help me remedie that problem."

Randy from San Antonio, Texas

"I've been looking for this for years. I had one as a kid but messed up the message. I saw one in a movie yesterday and finally found out what they were called. I love these. So cool."

Rob from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

"I am un unemployed 34 year old learning disabled, epileptic, gout ridden, overweight, very single, sick, very single Nerd living 450 plus kilometersfrom the closest family. I am twenty thousand dollars in debt from goverment student loads for courses I couldn't complete becuase of health , and later financial dificencies. I finally complete a training course for my field of expertise (computer Systems Support: training you to do anything from Net admin to tech support from scratch) and because of my 80hr a week school days (yes at school) I came out with tendonitis in both wrists and a missed vitamin deficiency (folic acid), caused by my epilepsy meds. The defciency which struck me half way through my course, kept me from healing the tendonitis like it should have, and gave the only syptom of exhaustion (did I mention the 80hrs/week?). It wrecked my imune system, gave me gaul stones andkidney stones, and left me with walking pnemonia complicated by sinutitis, laryngitis, tonselitis, and brochitis. To top it off while exersizing by running up and down the basment stairs, the soles of my shoes gave out on the way down and I sprained (mildly) both wrists.

It has taken me two years to just start recovering and Ihad to go through a complicated extraction of a tooth becauseI couldn't afford the root canal, and then had to have three severly impacted wisdom teeth in surgery, which was very painful but shortly after I got out of the hospital I got a post-operative infectionon one side that was so bad Ittore out all of the stiches and gave me partial lock jaw at the same time.

Now... aren't you sorry you asked???????????

Just in case you think that this is someone exadurating to get a coin... OH GODHOW I WISH THAT WERE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!"

James from Belmont, California

"This would renew my faith in people's kindness and would become a symbol of faith and hope for me."

sandi loves dean coin Sandra from Windsor, Ontario

"Mine and my husband's third date was at an amusement park that was on a small island on Lake Erie. It was called Bob-lo, and has long since closed down. I made him one of these stamped tokens with "Sandi loves Dean" on it. It wasn't a colored one, but it had a scalloped edge around it, and clover leaf on one side and a horseshoe on the other. He put it on his gold chain and hasn't taken it off since that day.

Now we've been married nearly 17 years, the lettering has all worn off, the scallops are almost smooth, and everytime I see it through the open neck of his shirt, I'm reminded of how very much I love him, and that when he tells me he loves me... he must mean it. I'd love to give him a new one, to show him I still adore him.

Sorry for gushing, but he's always been my champion and my hero."