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Why do I do this?
I do this because I like the interaction, I like getting messages from people, and I like getting things in the mail. That being said, I get irritated by people who don't give me something back by way of a message about why they want a coin or people who just send in a paypal payment figuring that 2 bucks is what the time, effort, and materials is worth and that this is like any business that deal with on the internet. This isn't a business, this is something I like doing, and I get chapped when I get treated like a business... please don't treat me that way. Write me a message about yourself and why you want a coin and maybe you'll get something in the mail.

Help defray my rising costs
-- now over $1.50 per coin -- by making a donation in the amount you think this coin is worth to you. If you don't use paypal, let me know in the "plead your case" box that you want to send something via post.

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